Born in 1952 in Leningrad (St Petersburg), Igor left Russia at the age of 20 on a fishing boat from which he landed in Canada. His preoccupations at that time were more poetic than political.

After 8 years in North America, he moved to France in 1981 where he began to paint immediately because, he says, "painting is more direct than writing, more immediately legible".

On his canvases and carvings in wood or aluminum, appears a phantasmagorical and colorful world, populated by a strange and crazy fauna where appear his favorite themes: the absurdity, the equivoque, the derision, and his colorist sense.

His brilliant style, bursting with energy, with dazzling colors, depicts a playful, humorous but also mocking and provoking universe.

His works have been exhibited mainly in France (Paris, Nice, Marseille), Italy (Milan, Bologna), Switzerland (Geneva, Berne, Basel), Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin), Belgium (Knokke-Le -Zoute, Brussels), in Russia (Moscow, Ivanovsk), Spain (Marbella, Chipiona), Luxembourg, Cuba ...

Igor has also decorated many hotels in Spain and about fifteen Club-Med around the world.

Items designed by Igor Andreev.

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