Creativity Engine

Asiatides mission is to be the meeting point of talented western artists and Asian product creation techniques to create pieces, the resultat of two cultures based on porcelain, cloisonné, glass, wood...


  • ANDREEV Igor

    ANDREEV Igor

    Born in 1952 in Leningrad (St Petersburg), Igor left Russia at the age of 20 on a fishing boat from…

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  • SEEHAWONG Prakit

    SEEHAWONG Prakit

    Rising talent Prakit SEEHAWONG was graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna in Phitsanulok, Thailand. His art career started since 2012.…

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    Ploy Chariyaves is an artist-writer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her drawings are unconventional and mostly inspired by her surroundings including everyday…

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  • DE LA FALAISE Loulou

    DE LA FALAISE Loulou

    From her aristocratic origin, Loulou DE LA FALAISE has a natural elegance... from her Irish mother, she has a profound…

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  • TORTU Christian

    TORTU Christian

    We love Christian TORTU who was one of the first florists to give the flower its modernity and creativity... We…

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  • MISHAAN Richard

    MISHAAN Richard

    We have a great respect for Richard MISHAAN, a New York based interior designer. We loved his books including "Modern…

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  • LETE Nathalie

    LETE Nathalie

    Nathalie LETE, designer overflowing of creativity; wonderful interbreeding of a German mother who gave her a love in elves, fauns…

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  • JOUVIN Fabienne

    JOUVIN Fabienne

    An accomplished artist and designer, Fabienne JOUVIN has a passion for mixing cultural designs ever since she roamed the world…

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  • DHO Regis

    DHO Regis

    Regis DHO... Very respectful of French classicism that inspired his work, he creates for Asiatides XVIII French century inspired collections,…

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  • DE MAREUIL Veronique

    DE MAREUIL Veronique

    Veronique DE MAREUIL is a new talent for Asiatides. Specialised in miniature on porcelain, she designed for the most prestigious…

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  • DE LUCA Frederic

    DE LUCA Frederic

    A great painter we strongly love, he is simple, humble, he has talent... It was his original idea creating the…

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  • DANGE Jean

    DANGE Jean

    Jean DANGE is an Asiatides born designer where he spent his large part of his career and has been constantly…

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  • BLANDIN Nicolas

    BLANDIN Nicolas

    Nicolas BLANDIN is a collector and a furniture lover and decoration of the 40’s. His dream that we share is…

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  • BERNARD François

    BERNARD François

    In the category of home and fashion trend, François BERNARD is recognized as one of France’s leading inspirer. As a…

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  • Kenzo TAKADA

    Kenzo TAKADA

    We have always been great fans of Kenzo TAKADA since he opened his first showroom "Jungle Jap" at Passage Vivienne…

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